VIP Guest — Mel Rogers

Mel Rogers opened SWOT BATTLE – the competition for marketers!

The first contest for marketers SWOT BATTLE by the Maclay Group took place in Minsk on 12th October 2017. The design of the competition was unique for Belarus indeed. There were no boring lectures, no monotonous theoretical reflections, no mega techniques from «Maharishi sales». Entire practice. Severe competition between seven teams. Young undergraduate marketers against skilled professionals. The real business case of “Hand-made Exclusive” shop and 7 hours for SWOT processing and strategy development. Tough opinions and awkward questions from the judges of the competition. Three best teams won the money prizes. There was no place for the idlers and weaklings!

The Battle was opened by Mel Rogers who is Honorary Consul of the United Kingdom in Belarus.

Mel, like a professional showman, started with a small interactive lecture. Humour and inspiration saturated his motivational speech.  Mel told the guests why he studied marketing at the university, and how he was offered in the beginning of his career to change the engineer’s profession to a sales manager in Caterpillar.

Mel concluded by the fact that business in Belarus is worth doing. And the important part of the business, as Mel noticed, is appropriate client communication! Whereas Mel was speaking English, all the guests and participants of the Maclay Club easily understood him, or … confidently simulated. During the event the British guest had to show the perfection of diplomacy and patience as all the communication and presentations were in Russian throughout the day! That is why the idea of English-speaking contest has appeared.

Mel’s exceptional warm-heartedness had been noticed by every guest. The final gong had gone, the winners had been rewarded, wishes for the future had been told. Everybody was eager to have a conversation with Mel. He was asked to make an encore, giving presents and taking pictures for great memories.

As Mel said, keep on doing what you are doing.
Mel, we would be happy to see you on the next SWOT BATTLE!


Team Maclay,